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Most people believe the mobile phone is good only for SMS phone calls – SMART SMS COMMUNICATION stands alone in its focus in developing the “Uncompromised Mobility” technology, as explained by SMART SMS COMMUNICATION founder as “Smart SMS Communication beings are not born to be isolated in cubicles, starring as a computer screen all day.

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We will give people the freedom to be where they want to be, meet whoever they want to see, without any compromise in communication, collaboration, and control”.
To that end, SMART SMS COMMUNICATION has persistently pursued innovation and refused to accept the limitations in the current mobile technology. As a result, SMART SMS COMMUNICATION develops its own infrastructure and breakthrough technologies that changes the way we use mobile phones.


While alternative mobile applications connect only one or to two dots in a mobile world, such as Push Email, we design MOBILE SOLUTIONS TECHNOLOGY to connect simply everything. It empowers the user to access any information, communicate with anyone, or have control on everything from a mobile phone. We see the limitation in the current WAP/Browser architecture or native programming language for each different program device. Instead,


we choose to innovate on J2ME as foundation and Thin Client
Computing as the architecture. We build an open and
extendable platform, elegant user interface library, and XML/SSL based communication protocol. The value is clear; we are able to offer the user the widest choice of application that is relevant. Some professionals may require Push Mail; others may need the surveillance camera access to observe factories; and yet others
may want the Mobile Remote Desktop to retrieve
documents from an office computer.

What Smart SMS offer

In this new millennium, with continuous technology breakthroughs in wireless networks and mobile devices, new challenges and opportunities in mobilizing existing systems for organizational and individual flexibility and effectiveness constantly emerge
SMART SMS Communication mission is to mobilize the world’s information and make it universally accessible from mobile devices and make it useful for everyone

we mobilize the future

Latest news

Oct 2010

Smart SMS contracted with King Faisal University
Smart sms company Entered into partnership contract with King Faisal University for providing mobile services , solutions and interactive SMS to serve the educational sector for university

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July 2010

Smart SMS Company deal with Al Jazeera newspaper .
Smart SMS company concluded new engagement with Al Jazeera newspaper ...

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July 2010

largest library of mobile games in one program
Smart SMS Company was able to contract with the largest possible number

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Feb 2010

Smart SMS signed contracts with technology partners in UK, Singapore and Malaysia for VAS next generation

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